Northern Iraq IDP and Winterization Project

Mission in Iraq

December 2015

October 5th 2015

Since January 2014, an estimated 4 million people in Iraq have been displaced due to the ongoing conflict caused by internal fighting between Iraqi Security Forces and Armed Opposition Groups, and ISIS.

As part of GlobalMedic’s continued response to the crisis, the Rapid Response Team recently returned from another deployment in early September, identifying and assessing the needs of new IDP families yet to receive aid. These families were also provided with Hygiene, Non-Food Item, and Newborn Kits.

These Hygiene Kits included basic supplies, such as antibacterial soap, shampoo, and toothbrushes, while Non-Food item kits were comprised of cookers, pots, plates, utensils and kettles.

The Newborn kits were expanded to include warm clothing, diapers, wet wipes, thermometers, and more, to support the unique needs of families with infants.

As a result of our team’s assessment, GlobalMedic is preparing another round of distributions to help protect and preserve the livelihood of internally displace families who are currently still at high-risk of contracting illness and experiencing a lack of access to clean water.

July 1st 2015

Since January 2014, the ongoing conflict caused by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, as well as heavy internal fighting between the Iraqi Security Forces and Armed Opposition Groups, has displaced an estimated 4 million people.

Members of the displaced population have been forced to live in IDP camps and informal settlements, many without access to proper shelter, basic necessities and health services.

GlobalMedic has been on the ground providing support to Iraqi IDP’s since the beginning of the crisis. Most recently between May and June, GlobalMedic’s Rapid Response Team returned to Northern Iraq to distribute Hygiene Kits, Non-Food Item Kits, and Newborn Kits, as well as Rainfresh Household Water Purification Units, to IDPs. These items have promoted health and livelihood, and provided lifesaving aid to those in need.

GlobalMedic’s hygiene kits provide displaced families with basic hygiene supplies, such as antibacterial soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, antiseptic, and female sanitary pads to support family health. Additionally, to support the unique needs of families with infants, the Newborn Kits contain warm clothing, diapers, soap, wet wipes, feeding bottles, diaper cream, thermometers, and baby powder.

The Non-Food Item Kits distributed consist of cookers, cylinders for gas, pots, plates, spoons, cups, and kettles. With the Rainfresh Household Water Purification Units, families have a portable water solution, ideal for transportation as they move from location to location, providing them with clean water for up to a year.

Distributions occurred in Dohuk, Erbil, Khanaqeen, and Sulaymaniah, resulting in 4,200 Hygiene Kits, 1,980 Rainfresh units, 600 Non-Food Item Kits, and 290 Newborn Kits being delivered to IDP’s.

These distributions will have benefitted over 38, 000 people.

February 10, 2015

The humanitarian needs in Northern Iraq have remained unremitting. Families have been displaced from their homes as a result of the intense violence plaguing parts of Iraq. Many have settled in Kurdistan and now struggle without basic necessities to support their health, hygiene and warmth throughout the cold winter months.

As a result, GlobalMedic doubled its winterization response, delivering an additional two phases of support to IDP families in Kurdistan. The program targeted the most vulnerable families that lacked adequate shelter and access to basic services. This included both those living inside IDP camps in Al Sulaymaniyah, as well as those in informal settlements.

Roughly 2000 IDPs were reached every day throughout the duration of the extended program, as the team worked to distribute nearly 300 kits daily. Vulnerable families were provided with supplies that they specifically needed, every kit being customized for the unique needs of each family: Diapers for families with a newborn, extras for those with multiple children, enough blankets to provide warmth for every member of the family and packs of sanitary napkins for female IDPs. The GlobalMedic team also traveled to a number of local churches in order to reach the hundreds of families seeking shelter there.

Throughout the two most recent phases of response, GlobalMedic distributed 1,057 winterization kits, effectively supporting 7,400 Iraqi IDPs. Over 26,800 bars of soap, 3,865 blankets, 1,049 heaters and thousands of laundry detergents, dish soap, diapers and mattresses were distributed within just a few days.

Since initiating its IDP support project in Kurdistan in September 2014, GlobalMedic has supplied NFIs to 2,292 families – supporting the health and warmth of over 16,000 individuals that have fled the ongoing violence in Iraq.

January 2, 2015

GlobalMedic has completed another phase of its Winterization Program to support IDPs bracing the cold weather in Kurdistan, Iraq. To date, 3,659 blankets, 2,729 mattresses, 1,200 coverlets and 900 fuel-powered household heaters have been distributed to families living without heat or electricity. In addition, over 19,500 bars of soap and 1,365 packs of diapers and female sanitary pads have been provided to support families' basic hygiene and health needs, as many lack access to these essential supplies.

Here's a video of GlobalMedic's Winterization Program in Kurdistan.

December 16, 2014

The threat of cold weather marks a severe risk for families in Northern Iraq who have been displaced as a result on ongoing violence in Iraq. The thousands of families who have sought shelter in spontaneous communal settlements such as schools and abandoned or unfinished buildings are increasingly vulnerable as the winter months near. In response, GlobalMedic is implementing an NFI winterization program. Through the procurement and distribution of blankets, mattresses, coverlets, household heaters, soap, baby diapers and female sanitary pads, GlobalMedic ensures the warmth, health and safety of hundreds of men, women and children living in inadequate shelters.

To date, GlobalMedic has distributed 2000 blankets, 1200 coverlets, 1320 mattresses, 400 fuel powered heater, 10,000 bars of soap and 1000 sanitary napkins and baby diapers to families in need throughout Kurdistan. GlobalMedic is now extending its response to IDPs. Through the distribution of additional blankets as well as stoves in the coming days, vulnerable families can preserve their health and basic needs during this crisis. Stay posted for more details about this project.
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Northern Iraq IDP and Winterization Project

Mission in Iraq

December 2015

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