World Refugee Day Campaign


Why GlobalMedic Is Running This Campaign

By Laura Garrioch and Noha Hashima

World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day has been observed on the 20th of June every year since 2001. World Refugee Day serves as a reminder of how important it is for the global community to stand with those forced to leave their homes and countries in order to survive.

Why it Matters

According to the UN, more than 28,000 people are forced to leave their homes due to conflict or persecution every day. By the end of 2016, over 67 million people have been forcibly displaced worldwide. Of those, 22.5 million are classified as refugees, and half of them are minors (under the age of 18).

This world map by UNHCR shows the number of refugees in each country.

GlobalMedic’s Role

Founded by paramedics, GlobalMedic is a Canadian charity that specializes in providing rapid, short-term aid to people displaced due to disasters or crises both at home and abroad.

Combining a team of amazing volunteers with efficient Response programs designed to explore all opportunities to help save lives and reduce suffering, GlobalMedic wastes no time in mobilizing whenever and wherever a crisis arises.

In the wake of a disaster, a Response will usually activate one or more of our 4 core programs, but all disasters are not the same, requiring us to utilize our experience to develop a Response program depending on the needs of the situation at hand.

The quick and efficient response to emergency situations can only be possible with an equally efficient and rapid response team, which is exactly what GlobalMedic has. Our Rapid Response Team, or RRT, is comprised of hard-working volunteers, many of whom are professionally trained first-responders that are used to mobilizing at a moment’s notice. All volunteers receive Emergency Response training as well as an online training program in humanitarian aid.

Currently, GlobalMedic is providing humanitarian support to families who have been forcibly displaced in Bangladesh and Guatemala.

Bangladesh Refugees:

As of February 2018, the UN estimates that almost 1 million Rohingya refugees fled Burma’s violent ethnic cleansing campaign. They are currently residing in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. However, the small, overcrowded country is struggling to host so many refugees at once. Currently, GlobalMedic is offering its support to the Rohingya refugees by providing them with Family Emergency kits that include hygiene items like soap, shampoo, feminine hygiene products, as well as water purification units that can provide clean water for up to a year.

In Guatemala:

On Sunday, June 3, 2018, the Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupted, affecting 1.7 million people and displacing over 12,000. The most immediate need for people affected by this is clean water. GlobalMedic is contributing with 800 Family Emergency Kits including 500 P&G Purifier of Water Kits and 300 Rainfresh Household Water Purification Kits. For field updates, check our page: Guatemala: Volcano Response 2018.

 Refugees in Canada

Suzan Al-Malouhi, far left, says her first year in Canada was difficult. (Shaina Luck/CBC)

From language barriers to difficulty finding work, starting over in a new country is not an easy feat. But refugee families like Al-Malouhi’s learn to adapt; by taking language courses, converting their education degrees to Canadian equivalents, and earning the skills to find work in the Canadian market. Families like Al-Malouhi’s are survivors, and while they find themselves having to start their lives all over again, they demonstrate resilience and determination to make a better life for themselves and their children.

How YOU Can Help

If you want to support what GlobalMedic does, there are a couple of ways you can do so:


Volunteers are an essential part of GlobalMedic. If you want to dedicate some time to support the activities of GlobalMedic, consider becoming a Registered Volunteer. This role involves helping with GlobalMedic’s day-to-day operations, packing events, and other tasks such as loading aid to ship out to disaster zones. It does not involve any international deployment. This role is ideal for those who want to offer their time to a charity organization but not get too far from home.

The other option is to apply to be part of the Rapid Response Team. These volunteers are often placed on call and can be expected to mobilize at any time or place on short notice. This is ideal if you have the time and energy to quickly respond to national and international disasters, and if you want to help refugees and other displaced persons all over the world.



Don’t have the time but still want to help? Consider donating to GlobalMedic. As with any charity organization, resources are required to be able to offer support for people in need. These resources cost time and money. GlobalMedic relies on its donors to be able to provide clean water and hygiene kits for those who’ve lost their homes to disasters or emergency situations.

Our donations can be customized to suit your budget. We also offer the option for you to donate as a corporation.


Spread the word

If you’re short on time and money, you can still help us provide aid to those in need by telling your friends, family, and coworkers about the work that GlobalMedic does. You can follow us on our social media for the latest updates. We also sell customized GlobalMedic gear that you can buy on our website to show your support for GlobalMedic.


Thank you for your contributions. We appreciate it!