JANUARY 27, 2018


GlobalMedic is responding with urgently needed Family Emergency Kits. To date, GlobalMedic has sent over 1,061 Family Emergency Kits with P&G Purifier of Water Sachets to those desperately in need. Each Family Emergency Kit contains enough water purification sachets to support a family for seven months, as well as hygiene supplies.

GlobalMedic distributed 450 Family Emergency Kits with Rainfresh Household Water Purification Units to support a family with clean drinking water for an entire year.

GlobalMedic also distributed 1,061 Lucky Iron Fish. A Lucky Iron Fish is a palm-sized iron ingot, cast in the shape of a fish and made from bioavailable iron, and is formulated to provide a significant portion of a person’s daily iron intake. By adding these to our Family Emergency Kits, we can decrease the risk of anemia in this vulnerable population. The Family Emergency Kits also include hygiene items which are instrumental in protecting families from disease.

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World Humanitarian Day
August 8, 2018 – Myanmar: Flood Response 2018