APRIL 2 2017


The Google.org Impact Challenge is over, and while we did not secure one of the top prize grants, we did get an amazing $250K grant for our RescUAV Program! We are looking forward to using that money to develop and expand RescUAV to help save more lives around the world, and right here at home.

We wanted to congratulate the winning programs – they are all worthy causes – and to thank all of our volunteers, and all those who supported us in the Challenge with their votes and with getting the word out. Everything we do rests on the foundation of our volunteer support, it was no different here.


November 7, 2018 – Indonesia Earthquake & Tsunami Response
October 26, 2018 – Trinidad & Tobago: Flood Response 2018
October 8, 2018 – Indonesia: Earthquake & Tsunami Response 2018