APRIL 17, 2017


GM's RescUAV pilots prepare the Aeryon SkyRanger for flight in Colombia.

GlobalMedic’s RescUAV Team has been flying day and night to support the overall landslide response in Mocoa, Colombia. They have been primarily tasked with the aerial assessment and mapping of affected regions as well as identifying areas at high risk of future landslides. Despite the severe weather conditions — including rain and high winds — GM’s resilient Aeryon SkyRanger Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) continues to fly. Working in Mocoa, San Miguel, Rio Mulato and Puerto Limon, the team has mapped 379,000 m2 and captured high definition video of close to 5 km2 of land.

Local search teams, government planners and engineers are using the maps and captured imagery to investigate high risk areas, identify blockages affecting water flow and plan strategies to mitigate future hazards.

Over the weekend, the team worked with local fire fighters and police officers to support search and rescue efforts for a lost child. Our UAV was able to search areas that were not easily accessible on foot, relaying the imagery back to the emergency teams in real time.

The team continues to work alongside the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management of Colombia (UNGRD), Prevention and Emergency Management Office (PMU) and Corporation for Sustainable Development of the Southern Amazon (Corpoamazonia) to support their high priority operations.


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