APRIL 21, 2017


Aerial imagery of the destruction in Mocoa, Colombia cause by severe landslides.

GlobalMedic’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) pilots have spent the past two weeks collecting aerial imagery in landslide affected communities. In all, the RescUAV Team produced over 2,020,000 m2 of detailed maps and collected hi-definition imagery of more than 600,000 m2 of land.

The collected imagery was used by the RescUAV Team and other humanitarian actors for the following purposes:

  • Producing emergency maps – identifying highly affected areas for the efficient distribution of aid and support.
  • Supporting search efforts for missing persons – capturing aerial imagery of locations that are inaccessible by search and rescue teams on foot.
  • Live streaming high-definition footage – allowing local search teams, emergency management authorities, engineers and remote teams to inspect essential infrastructure in real time.
  • Supporting hazard risk reduction – allowing engineers to identify areas at high-risk of future landslides and create a plan to protect vulnerable civilians.
  • Supporting major debris clearing – locating and identifying major obstructions to rivers and roads, including massive boulders left behind by the landslides.

Using hi-definition and infrared cameras, the team was able to collect detailed imagery throughout the day and night. The team worked in partnership with local emergency management and air traffic control authorities, supporting the highest-priority tasks while ensuring the safety of the team, partners and beneficiaries.


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