Canada: British Columbia Wildfire Response 2017

Over 45,000 people have been displaced from their homes due to raging wildfires in British Columbia. Evacuated families are staying at 11 emergency reception centres opened across the province. As of July 15, 2017

Canada: Shelter Support 2016

CANADA SHELTER SUPPORT 2016 There are thousands of individuals and families in distress in Canada, whether struggling to find housing, basic necessities and protection from violence, or facing the aftermath of a disaster. GlobalMedic lends support to protect the health of vulnerable families. 150000 CANADIANS ACCESS EMERGENCY SHELTER ANNUALLY. AS MANY AS  7000 HOMELESS YOUTH ON A [...]

Canada: Syrian Refugee Crisis Response 2016

CANADA SYRIAN REFUGEE CRISIS RESPONSE 2016 Canada continues to welcome Syrian refugees that are fleeing the violence in their homeland, with more than 36,000 Syrians arriving since November of 2015. Despite beginning a new life in Canada, many families are still struggling to secure accommodation, employment, and other basic necessities. GlobalMedic, in partnership with Proctor [...]