Yemen: Complex Emergency Response 2017

Widespread conflict throughout Yemen has forced nearly 2 million people from their homes. The situation has been compounded by widespread famine and water…

Syria: Complex Emergency Response 2017

As the war in Syria enters its seventh year, the devastations continues. Today, 13.5 million Syrians are in need of humanitarian assistance. Over 11 million Syrians have…

Turkey – Syria: Cross Border Syrian IDP Response 2016

 TURKEY - SYRIA   CROSS BORDER SYRIAN IDP RESPONSE 2016    The ongoing Syrian civil war has left more than half of the buildings destroyed by continuous bombings, which has lead to extensive infrastructure damage. Refugees and IDPs have been living in informal camps or commercial spaces, seeking reprieve from the ongoing crisis. Families are living in these deplorable conditions as [...]

Canada: Syrian Refugee Crisis Response 2016

CANADA SYRIAN REFUGEE CRISIS RESPONSE 2016 Canada continues to welcome Syrian refugees that are fleeing the violence in their homeland, with more than 36,000 Syrians arriving since November of 2015. Despite beginning a new life in Canada, many families are still struggling to secure accommodation, employment, and other basic necessities. GlobalMedic, in partnership with Proctor [...]

Greece: Syrian Refugee Crisis Response 2015

 GREECE   SYRIAN REFUGEE CRISIS RESPONSE 2015  By May 2015, more than 42,000 refugees had arrived by sea in Greece, and more than 1,000 additional arrive each day. Migrants are fleeing a variety of human rights abuses including war and extreme violence. An overwhelmed Greek economy is unable to provide access to basic services including healthcare, shelter [...]

Serbia: Syrian Refugee Crisis Response 2015

SERBIA  SYRIAN REFUGEE CRISIS RESPONSE 2015  More than 4.2 million refugees have fled to Europe and surrounding countries, the streets of Serbian border town Prešovo were lined with families waiting over 12 hours to be registered for further travel into Europe. Hundreds more arrived daily and as temperatures dropped and rains set in, families were forced to weather the [...]

Turkey: Syrian Refugees Crisis Response 2014

TURKEY  SYRIAN REFUGEE CRISIS RESPONSE 2014  Since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War in 2011 millions of Syrian refugees have been seeking refuge.  In 2014, over 2.5 million Syrians were leaving the country, in early 2016, it was identified that over 13 million Syrians were in need of humanitarian support. Turkey has received more refugees [...]

Iraq: Clean Drinking Water Response 2014

  IRAQ    CLEAN DRINKING WATER RESPONSE 2014  Ongoing violence in the Middle East has affected millions of people, with over 302,000 families internally displaced in the Iraqi Kurdistan region. An estimate of 40% of these IDPs have sought shelter in spontaneous communal settlements such as schools and abandoned or unfinished buildings. The families lack heat, electricity, [...]