Nepal: Flood Response 2017

Experiencing its worst rains in 15 years, Nepal has become inundated with severe flooding since August 11, 2017. Of Nepal’s 75 districts, 35 are experiencing widespread and detrimental impacts on life…

Colombia: Landslide Response 2017

COLOMBIA LANDSLIDE RESPONSE 2017 On April 1, 2017 landslides plowed through the city of Mocoa in southwestern Colombia. Torrential rains caused flooding and surging rivers leading to widespread damage to affected communities. A large part of the city was destroyed, and there was a serious risk of additional landslides. The landslides disrupted water supplies, health services, roads, bridges, electricity, [...]

Pakistan: Flood Response 2014

PAKISTAN FLOOD RESPONSE 2014 In early September of 2014, the four eastern rivers of Pakistan (Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej, Jhelum) overflowed and triggered flash flooding across Kashmir and Punjab. The floods claimed the lives of more than 350 people, ravaged massive swaths of cropland and damaged over 107,000 homes. The most critical needs included restoring access [...]

Sri Lanka: Flood Response 2016

SRI LANKA FLOOD RESPONSE 2016 Heavy rainfall throughout the month of May led to the worst flooding and landslides Sri Lanka has experienced in over 25 years. On May 12, Tropical Storm Roanu dropped over 300 millimetres of rain in just 24 hours. GlobalMedic responded to provide clean drinking water to vulnerable populations in the Kegalle [...]

India: Tamil Nadu Flooding Response 2016

 INDIA   FLOODING RESPONSE 2016  For a month long period between November and December, monsoon plagued India and destroyed thousands of hectares of cropland and infrastructure. Tamil Nadu was the worst-affected area, and over 420 people were killed by the floods. With the health and hygiene of affected communities are at high risk, GlobalMedic responded with WASH based interventions in [...]