Iraq: Refugee Crisis Response 2018

  IRAQ   REFUGEE CRISIS RESPONSE 2018 Continued violence in Iraq has caused millions of Iraqis to abandon their homes in search of safety. Iraq also contains 300,000 refugees from other countries – the majority arriving from Syria. IDP camps and temporary settlements are overflowing. Water, food and hygiene are continuing challenges for this population. [...]

Iraq: Syrian Refugee Response 2016

  IRAQ   SYRIAN REFUGEE RESPONSE 2016 The war in Syria is well into its sixth year, with no end in sight. Since March 2011, close to five million refugees have fled to neighbouring countries. Large numbers of Syrian refugees have arrived in Iraq. As of September 2015, there were 248,500 Syrian Refugees in Iraq. [...]

Northern Iraq: IDP Winterization Response 2015

 IRAQ   IDP WINTERIZATION RESPONSE 2015  The threat of cold weather marks a severe risk for families in Northern Iraq who have been displaced as a result of the ongoing violence. The thousands of families who have sought shelter in spontaneous communal settlements such as schools and abandoned or unfinished buildings are increasingly vulnerable as the winter [...]

Iraq: Clean Drinking Water Response 2014

  IRAQ    CLEAN DRINKING WATER RESPONSE 2014  Ongoing violence in the Middle East has affected millions of people, with over 302,000 families internally displaced in the Iraqi Kurdistan region. An estimate of 40% of these IDPs have sought shelter in spontaneous communal settlements such as schools and abandoned or unfinished buildings. The families lack heat, electricity, [...]

Iraq: IMCO Training 2013

 IRAQ   IMCO TRAINING 2013  In June 2013, GlobalMedic operated a medical training program for the Iraqi Mine and UXO Clearance Organization. The program trained landmine and unexploded ordnance (UXO) clearance teams. GlobalMedic deployed a team consisting of two Canadian paramedic trainers to run this program. The focus of the program was to provide hands on [...]

Iraq: Mines Advisory Group Training 2011

 IRAQ  MINES ADVISORY GROUP TRAINING 2011 More than 30 years of conflict and unrest in Iraq has ensured  that the presence of landmines, unexploded ordnance (UXO) and other conventional weapons is massively widespread. These remnants of conflict cause continued devastation to communities – through the physical danger the represent, and by preventing access to land [...]

Iraq: Mines Advisory Group Training 2010

 IRAQ   MINES ADVISORY GROUP TRAINING 2010  In January, 2010, Mines Advisory Group (MAG) Iraq requested the services of GlobalMedic to facilitate medical training for the medics assigned to the Landmine, UXO and Small Arms / Light Weapons Clearance teams. GlobalMedic trainers, Robert Selfridge and Glenn Munro, ran the program for 25 medics. 25  YEARS OF [...]

Iraq: Mines Advisory Group Training 2009

 IRAQ   MINES ADVISORY GROUP TRAINING 2009  GlobalMedic facilitated a training program for team medics of Mines Advisory Group (MAG) Iraq's medical support program.  GlobalMedic deployed two Medical Training Officers to facilitate the training program. This course was conducted over a period of 10 days, with 38 medics from Chamchamal, Sulimaniyah, Diyana and Dahok sectors taking [...]

Iraq: Mines Advisory Group Training 2008

 IRAQ   MINES ADVISORY GROUP TRAINING 2008  As a result of 25 years of conflict, Iraq is considered to be have one of the highest contaminations of landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO) in the world. The advent of 2003 brought renewed conflict and an exacerbation of landmine contamination, including cluster bombs. While landmines severely stifle many [...]