In order to deploy abroad volunteers must be registered as members of the Rapid Response Team.  The qualifications include our one-day mandatory Training Day. This is held each year in Toronto and Vancouver, and occasionally in other cities across the country as well.  The dates vary depending on our operational tempo – as the same people that run the training are often in the field during a crisis as well. See below for the next scheduled Training Day, and read on for more information about what they entail.

Volunteer at the RRT training day

The Training Day is an introduction to GlobalMedic, how we operate, how we run our programs and Responses, and who we are as people. It is not designed to be comprehensive, but you will be introduced to the various types of point of source and point of use water systems we employ and how to use them, and how some of our emergency shelters are assembled. You will also learn about our Emergency Medical program, and get some background on the other types of work we do.  In addition, you will be introduced to our sister charity, GlobalFire.

All training is done by volunteers and team leads that have had extensive deployment experience, and a big part of the day is a chance for you to meet and interact with them, and for them to answer any questions you may have about what it’s like to deploy as part of the Rapid Response Team. It’s a good chance to come out and see what we are all about, and for us to meet you and get a sense of who you are as well.

Assembling the MTS shelter at Weatherhaven during the RRT Training Day.
Water station at RRT training day 2016


TORONTO:  2019  –  TBD.


If you are interested in taking the training please join our mailing list by registering with us as a volunteer. We will keep you informed via email about upcoming dates. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date as well.