We respect our volunteer’s time and privacy so we do not use our email list for general updates.

To keep up to date with the latest news about GlobalMedic’s work please follow us here, or on social media:

We respect our volunteer’s time and privacy so we do not use our email list for general updates.

To keep up to date with the latest news about GlobalMedic’s work please follow us here, or on social media:


There are two ways to get involved with us. The first and easiest is to become a Registered Volunteer. You can help with our day-to-day operations, packing events, and things like loading aid to ship out to disaster zones. It does not involve any international deployment.

The second way is to also become a deployable member of our Rapid Response Team and apply for opportunities to go abroad and help out around the world.

To become a registered volunteer —which is the first step for everyone –you just need to sign up for our volunteer mailing list.

That is all it takes to start with GlobalMedic. If you are not looking to deploy abroad there is no step 2.  This will get you setup as one of our local volunteers, and you will receive updates about volunteer opportunities in Canada, and about upcoming events such as Training Days  – which you need to complete before becoming a part of the Rapid Response Team.

Please note: we do not send “news and updates” via email in order to minimize our impact on our supporters. This email list is used for volunteer information only and is not shared with any outside agencies or partners.

If you are interested in going further and becoming a deployable Rapid Response Team volunteer there are several more steps involved – beginning with completing the full registration form.

That means filling out the complete form below. Once registered we will send you detailed instructions on the next steps to join the RRT. You can also find out all the info about the rest of the requirements and process here.








A couple of important points:

1 – It is not necessary to be a medic to volunteer with us.

Anyone can join GlobalMedic as a volunteer. While many of our members are rescue professionals and first responders, we have many volunteers from all walks of life and value everyone’s skill-set and potential to contribute to humanitarian aid.

2 – It is also not necessary to deploy abroad to help out with GlobalMedic. There are lots of ways to get involved and support our Responses from within Canada.

Once you are registered you will have access to information about how to become part of our internationally deployable Rapid Response Team.







How long is a typical deployment with the RRT?

Responses and deployments can vary, but a typical deployment is 3 weeks.  Some are bit longer, some a bit shorter. People with more availability can be deployed for longer periods of time, which is always a potential asset. People with a specialized skillset that is necessary for a particular Response can often deploy for shorter periods of time (e.g to teach a specialized training program).

How do you choose volunteers to deploy?

When we are preparing to deploy we will put out a callout to all the volunteers registered as part of the RRT. The callout will provide some information about what we are doing and where we are going, the length of the deployment, and the prospective dates. At that time RRT members can submit an application to deploy.

We typically try to send a mixture of experienced and new volunteers when we deploy the RRT. This ensures we have solid leadership, and at the same time we are expanding the base of experienced volunteers to draw upon. Some Responses also call for specialized skill sets or experience.

It can be difficult for us to differentiate between volunteers that we haven’t met before. Many people have similar qualifications and experience, and everyone has something great to offer.  Getting involved with GlobalMedic activities at home is one great way to make sure you stand out from the list of applicants though!

Showing up at packing days and fundraisers is an opportunity to do more than just help out – it is a way to meet us in person, and to show us you are someone that we can rely on to be a helpful member of the team.

I don't live in Toronto, so how can I get more involved?

It’s true that most of the volunteer opportunities happen around our headquarters in Toronto. Logistically, it just makes the most financial sense to operate from that base and coordinate most of our work through there — and every dollar we save is a dollar that goes into life-saving interventions around the world.

We get asked a lot about how people can get involved when they live in other parts of Canada, and the answer is that the best way to get involved can be to create something to do where you live!  Start a fundraiser, go out and speak to a school, a community, or your workplace, about GlobalMedic and our work and help raise awareness.

Sometimes we ask for help with things like the website, or social media, so if you have that kind of skillset please let us know. What are you good at? What interest and skills can you bring that might not be obvious?  In short, tell us how you can help!

If you are are interested in deploying internationally as part of the Rapid Response Team then showing initiative, creativity, and follow-through are great ways to make sure your application gets noticed.